LAWMAN E911 Engine and E911 Client (ANI/ALI Info)

LAWMAN E911 receives a CAD spill via serial connection between the LAWMAN server and your 911 telephone system hardware. Each dispatch workstation is setup in the local workstation profile as an E911 position. The name of the server running the 911 engine, your vendor format, and answering position number are selected and saved by the system administrator. When a user signs on to LAWMAN CAD/RMS at any of those positions, the ANI/ALI Info client starts and automatically in the background and receives the ANI/ALI info from the telephone system when the user answers the 911 line. Calls can be annotated within the ANI/ALI Info client and either disposed of as dial out errors, transfers, pranks or an incident can be created and all of the ANI/ALI Info and call taker notes are automatically pushed into a new LAWMAN CAD/RMS incident. The screen in the ANI/ALI Info client. The top half shows calls from the position the user is sitting at and the bottom shows calls from other users. This is helpful for incidents where multiple calls are coming in from an area related to a single incident. Non-incident dispositions are customizable by the user agency.




Lawman's master names database helps your department manage cases from start to finish. View offense histories and see the status of any incident a person is involved in with a click of the mouse.



Lawman uses a combination of data encryption and directory permissions to ensure that your data is secure. Audit trails ensure accountability and integrity of your reports.



Lawman is the first CAD/RMS vendor in the world to receive Paramount Platinum Certification from Priority Dispatch for it's superior integration with their ProQA EPD and EMD products.